Vampire Knight Cosplay Guide

Vampire Knight Cosplay Guide

Cross Yuki, aged five she lost her parents at the age of five. Kuran Kaname was the vampire purebred blood-king who saved them. They were remanded to Cross Academy where they lived with their peers and noble vampires. The way of peace Overwatch Cosplay Costume The Kaien also accepted the Kiryu zero.

Yuki was living under the same roof and began to fall in love. However, the tense love triangle wasn’t warm. Hio Shizuka who was a Cross Academy student, was her only hope. This will break the long-standing steady relationship between her and Hio Shizuka as her life slowly fades.

Then, “Vampire Knight” revived the long-awaited anime for girls, every character is attractive and appealing, so let us revisit and look at it again Persona Cosplay Costume

Yuki: Cross Yuki:

Cross Yuki/ Kuran Yuki is the adopted daughter of the Headmaster of the Cross Academy, Cross Kaien. She is a human initially. She’s wearing a white uniform from the college.

To shield herself and her students in day classes from the dangers of vampires, Yuki uses the Artemis Rod. Yuki is very close to Kiryu Zero, whom she becomes determined to help when she discovers that he has become vampire. She also has a significant relationship with Kuran Kaname who she has been in love with since he saved her from a vampire attack as when she was a child. She later discovered that Kaname was her brother and fiancé. She’s generally a good and caring, happy, and comedic character, but she’s also reckless and naive and does poorly in her studies because of the majority of her time as Guardian.

In the future, Yuki learns that she is a Pureblood Vampire and is the daughter Haruka and Juri. The character of Yuki has not changed much even after she was reborn as a vampire. Yuki was pregnant with Kaname after he gave his heart to the furnace to make anti-vampire weapons.

Kuran Kaname:

Kuran Kaname is a Pureblood vampire that was able to save Yuki from being assaulted by Level E as a child. Kaname is among the first vampires, and also the first to establish the Kuran family. After being re-awakening from Kuran Rido and using the Kuran’s son’s first as a sacrifice, he was raised as Juri and Haruka’s child, Yuki’s brother. Kaien Cross was his co-worker in the creation of the Night Class that promotes peaceful coexistence between humans as well as vampires.

In the beginning of the arc, Kaname spends his time in the fight to protect Yuki as well as taking down Hio Shizuka, and encouraging Zero Kiryu’s powers. In the aftermath of Rido’s attack on the school, Kaname destroyed the Senate. After the time-skip, Kaname begins a plan to eliminate all Purebloods except for Yuki. Kaname even offers to put his heart in the furnace that produces anti-vampire weapons. Kaname’s body is kept frozen by Hanabusa. Hanabusa learned the secrets of Kaname’s transformation of vampires into human beings, without needing sacrifice an individual Pureblood. After centuries of time and the furnace needs to be shut down, Kaname is revived by Yuki as a human. Their biological daughter Ai Kuran and Zero’s daughter Ren transmit an email from Yuki saying that the world that he is seeing is similar to hers.

Kiryu Zero:

Kiryu Zero is a unique vampire hunter. He wears an all-black college uniform.

Yuki’s friend and Cross Academy Guardian, Zero was trained by Toga Yagari to become a vampire hunter. Zero lives with Kaien cross and Yuki after being bit in the leg by Hio Shizuka an Pureblood vampire, who murdered his family. Zero was a sweet, innocent person, developed a hatred for vampires after the attack.

Zero is also adorned with an image that creates an immobilization bracelet that temporarily clings to his neck. This allows him to access the headquarters of Hunters’ Assocation. Zero also harbors a deep hatred of Kuran Kaname, who claims to him that he is simply the shield of Yuki. Zero is in love with Yuki however, he keeps it hidden. He was at times confused after Yuki confessed that she is a pureblood vampire. But, Zero continues to love her. In the final episode of the anime, Zero lets her drink his blood and allows Yuki to know what he thinks of her.

In fact, every character is either loved or hated. The cartoon is filled with romance and every character’s clothes are full of gothic romance. You might like it. These costumes can be cosplayed by you in Vampire Knight Cosplay Costume Shop Online.