Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

The story is set in Huanli (3015) that is also known as the year of Dazzling. D’natia and Koran, two countries competing for supremacy, cause the entire world to be torn apart because of the ongoing war. Nil Kamui, an island nation which has lost its independence amid the turmoil, is one of the chaos. Red Dragon, Nil Kamui’s guardian God, loses control Guardians Of The Galaxy Costume

The top officers of the three nations created a team called “mixed investigation team”. They will determine the destiny of the nation of islands.

Many people love this anime adaptation of the game. Let’s take a look at these roles.


His hair is slender and his overall look is mostly red and white.

A gentle boy who takes care of the children of Neil Camsey’s orphanage in the island of Replica Star Wars Costumes

His body is infected with blood from Neil Kamsay’s “Huang Dynasty” rule.

This is the reason that he was a “child of contract” with Neil Kamui’s guardian dragon “Red Dragon”.

Although he had the ability to kill his foe with the risk of his friend’s life, he didn’t want to…


A girl belonging to the revolutionary army of Neil Camsay’s independence.Responsible for the guard of Neil Kamyi’s royal family.

This is a cute young lady dressed in a black dress.

A “contact” race closely linked to the monster in a unique way,and share life with the huge canine-like monster “Val” that has been injured by both eyes.

Before you meet with the Revolutionary Army, live a life that resembles the beast you are.


It has lost its eyes and has become a gigantic with bat wings and a giant dog form.

We are linked to Eiha in a unique way, and we share our lives.

It gives Eiha the ability to fly in the air, and then lie on his back.

It uses a massive minion to take out the enemy.

Eiha placed the flowers and the cloth over the eye wounds.

Swallow Cratsvalley:

He is the patriarch who has fallen of Donatiya’s military country. He is also the young knight of “Black Dragon Knights”, which is the most powerful of the corps in the country.

He was cursed from birth that allowed him to crush any object that he touched, and was sent to prison at a young age.

It will be destroyed by the usage of the item as well as he will be able to borrow the hand of Mashiro from the time of eating.

Mashiro Sagura:

Swallow is a woman who functions as a slave. She wears an oversized skirt.

Swaallow makes use of props instead throwing away the objects. He suffers from the curse of crushing and will not swear.

She also heads the Chabett Chamber of Commerce and manages the property of Cratsvalley’s family.

Lou Zhenhua:

Armed monks affiliated to the religious organization “Eight Claws”

Qisha Tianling, the highest form of the highness, is dumped to obtain the will and the sword that can engulf the soul of a person.

The name of the assassin responsible for burying every kind of target in the dark world is unknown.

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