K Project Cosplay Costume Guide

K Project Cosplay Costume Guide

Yashiro lives a basic routine life. But nothing normal has been happening since the recent murder of Tatara Totsuka, a prominent member of the infamous HOMRA. The Red Clansmen from HOMRA took revenge and planned to murder Yashiro.

Like this is the beginning of the tale Arthur Curry Cosplay Costume Since then, the course of the fate of Yashiro has swiftly changed in an the direction of a mystery.

Let’s review the main characters.

Isana Yashiro:

He is a sweet child with a sweet and loving nature. He’s wearing a university uniform and has a tie in red.

HOMRA sought him out as suspected in Tatara Totsuka’s death. However, his real name was the Silver and First Kings who had lost all his memories Honkai: Star Rail Cosplay Costume To prevent the crime from happening, Kuroh Yatogami was able to assist him and Neko in their search for the truth. After restoring his memory, the man decided to end the Colorless King. In the end, utilize the body to disarm the colorless King and ask the king of the Red to be killed Yashiro with the Colorless King.

Suoh Mioto:

He’s speechless and violent due to his red hair. To avoid causing strength and arousal, he sleeps a lot and then sleeps for a while. In the beginning of the story, in order to limit his power, the initiative was restricted by the Blue King.

It’s also an opponent of the Blue King Reisi Mutakata. This position causes him be split.

It is the king who is closest to the Wizmann threshold. He was executed during the patriarchal ritual at end of the story to prevent the sword of Damocles from falling.

Munakata Reisi:

The Blue King, head of the Special Task Force Unit Scepter 4 The Fourth King. He wears glasses, and has a calm, elegant appearance. He enjoys puzzles and other activities in his spare moments. He appears to be extremely concerned for Mikoto’s safety despite them being enemies. He is unhappy with how Mikoto seems to not appear to care about his life at all. While he’s powerful and powerful as a King, Kuroh was defeated easily without having to draw his sword. However, the magnitude of his power is still unknown. He has also been shown to be friendly towards Strains and clans. He even did his best to save Anna Kushina. Neko is known as the “Boss of the Glasses”.

Kushina Anna:

The smallest and the sole female in HOMRA Anna is a Strain who wears a gothic lolita-style. Anna can see through her red crystal marbles made from her blood. She lost her parents in an accident, and also met Mikoto via her Aunt who was Mikoto’s teacher in the time. HOMRA’s mascot , she is extremely emotionally connected Mikoto. She was a big fan of Tatara’s singing and was his top fan. She is colorblind, which means she can only see the red color. After Mikoto’s passing and her replacement, she is named the next Red King.

Awashima Seri:

Reisi’s second-in-command and the only female in Scepter 4. Reisi wears the iconic Scepter 4 costume.

She is a bartender and client with Izumo Kusanagi of HOMRA. He also has given her the nickname of ‘Heartless Woman’. Kusanagi (red bean paste), Munakata, and Fushimi all resembled anko so much that they all appeared sick. Neko calls herself”the “Boob Woman”. Yashiro granted her the title of “Boob Woman” to allow her to converse privately with her. Seri is very committed to Munakata and is extremely concerned about his security.


Neko is a Strain with heterochromia eyes. She can be dressed in many cute outfits.

She’s fun, playful and playful and eats similar to cats do. Though she appears to have the capability to make illusions, she can transform into a shape and disappear initially It turns out she is capable of sensory interference. Yashiro is a devoted partner and lover, and she will go to any efforts to safeguard him. She calls him “Neko’s Shiro.” Later, it was discovered that she was able to alter the memories of people. Yashiro was misled into thinking that he was just a regular high school student. Also, she was a Kagutsu victim, who acquired new abilities. In the years following she was compelled to alter her memories and take on her new identity as the cat. In the epilogue, she became an Ashinaka High School student. Ashinaka High School.

Yata Mishi:

The vanguard of HOMRA, he is extremely skilled with a skateboard that he uses as an instrument. His name is Yatagarasu. He is impatient, passionate, and hates to be identified by Fushimi’s feminine sounding first names. Fushimi frequently taunts Fushimi with this nickname. Fushimi is called “Saru” by Fushimi, which translates to “monkey”. He’s also rather small and has a difficult time communicating with girls. Fushimi and Fushimi were once close to each other. Fushimi joined HOMRA with them, but they broke up with each other and Fushimi joined Scepter 4 instead. The two get into disputes whenever they get together. HOMRA is very important to Yata, and he admires Mikoto much. He will do his best for Anna and reconciles with Fushimi.

The collection also includes additional cosplay costumes.