NieR: Automata NINE Cosplay Costume Guide

NieR: Automata NINE Cosplay Outfit Guide

YoRHa No. 9 Kind S, was called short for NINE, delicate and also mild spirit, gentle personality. Although there is no strike feature, the body that has been increased in the investigation job, as a member of the Yulha army, which is understood for hackers in intelligence event, is a kind of emotionally rich efficiency in YoRHa.

This personality is very popular in the video game as well as is preferred amongst fans Batman Costume Every young person intending to most likely to some motif party or outfit competition has a tendency to consider it a choice. As the primary character, this outfit stands for the main part of NieR: Automata.

One of the most loved and valued costume of NieR: Automata 9S is its Cosplay costumes.

Right here are some intros about the costume information as well as likewise a means to obtain the appearance together:


The coat is the most impressive clothing of the 9S, it not only can flawlessly reveal the individuality of the NINE, but also the people who spruce up are much more positive. Furthermore, the information of this coat are excellent, and the white pattern under the clothes makes the whole black jacket look great, made from high-quality products.


Shorts are easier and also comfy for the 9S, particularly when he is fighting Justice League Costume The quality of this shorts is the same as that of the coat, and it fits completely. Not as difficult as you can see, but comfortable and also fit. When you wear this pair of trousers, you can run easily and act easily.

Eye Mask:

The reason why 9S wears eye masks is since they do not see real photo according to the developer’s setups. Similarly, those girls of OP that wear masks are not implied to level. So the eye mask is one of the most basic point for 9S. And if you think it obstructs your eyes, you can select not to wear it, that is your freedom.


The boots are black boots that can reach the knees in length. As well as the layout is very distinct, very ideal, if you really like the 9S personality collection. One of the most crucial point to purchase a boot is to be comfy. If it is not suitable, it will be really unsatisfactory. So we made this footwear to address these troubles, that is, the cushion is your comfort, and attractive.


The pendant is an accessory that holds on the neck of the NINE and has actually been very popular in the past. Naturally, in order to maintain the stability of the character, you can be a little individual due to the fact that it is really perfect.


The NINE personality set is an extremely trendy and good-looking individual, so obviously black leather gloves are important. When you put on this suit and use natural leather handwear covers, you are the excellent NINE.


The NINE knapsack can carry some simple as well as tiny points for him. Naturally, this is also the case, we also prepared some tiny backpacks to satisfy your demands.

Go to a motif event, Halloween or just have a NieR: Automata fan obtain together, you have your costumes all set for this character. If you get this set of clothes, this will be a large shock for you, a very good cosplaying journey.