Character 5 Kaitou Lead Character Akira Kurusu Cosplay

Identity 5 Kaitou Lead Character Akira Kurusu Cosplay

In the game Identity 5, Protagonist was originally a regular, average secondary school pupil, as well as later on awakened Persona’s capability with an event. His look looks extremely well-behaved, once he comes to be a burglar, the environment of the whole person will transform significantly. So individuals occasionally think of that they can have super powers and also can do what they such as to do.

Putting on this cospaly costume, you are the lead character Akira Kurusu Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay


This layer resembles a large coat, with an added long collar, the general feeling is cool and dark, yet likewise has a lovely personality. The people who use them will certainly look extremely slender as well as will certainly not appear weak. As well as the black doesn’t look extremely tedious, there will be some tiny lengthy strips.

T shirt:

This t-shirt is not as simple to make use of as various other common t-shirts, and has a zipper that is convenient and rapid. And also the style of the tee shirt is dark, and the black stripes are embellished prior to and also after, which is a lot more trendy.


The trousers are made from high-quality cotton fabric, which fits and breathable Deadpool Cosplay Suit It will look much better with T-shirts.


The protagonist’s eye mask is the just one that can be recognized, which is different from other eye masks. The eye mask appears to be like a bat in the dark. And presence is excellent, do not fret about vision problems.


The red cotton handwear covers stand out in front of black outfits, which is the Protagonist’s unique. One of the most essential thing is that the size of the handwear cover is right, so you can select a custom dimension to satisfy the demands of different consumers.

Lastly, if you want to attempt this whole set of Personality 5 Kaitou Lead character Akira Kurusu’s cosplay costume, you can try to buy as well as guarantee worth for money.